Biodiesel Conference Slides Available

Planting Fuels CoverLast week I keynoted the California Biodiesel Conference in Sacramento, and I learned a lot from the panel presentations.  The organizers have how made all the slides available here (scroll down a bit).

You can learn about the Governor’s Office priorities for funding more in-state biodiesel production, why gasoline consumption is projected to decline but diesel consumption to rise in the coming decades, and why biodiesel is one of the fastest growing biofuels in use in California, among other interesting tidbits.

And if that’s not enough, read our Berkeley / UCLA Law report Planting Fuels to learn about policies that could boost in-state production even more.

While electrification of transportation will be desirable for passenger vehicles and some goods movement, ultimately we’ll still need biofuels for many transportation needs, from long-haul trucking to aviation.  Low-carbon biodiesel will therefore be a key part of our fuel mix for the foreseeable future.


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