Climate Denialism: The Wrong Kind Of American Exceptionalism

ten-tall-tales-climate-change-skeptics-29-Jun-11What in the world is going on in America?  According to a global poll on climate attitudes, we are an outlier:

In the U.S. — unlike everywhere else — being better educated doesn’t guarantee that you are more likely to believe that climate change is a real thing that is actually happening. Instead, education seems to polarize in the United States: More education is correlated with greater concern about climate change among liberals and Democrats, and less concern from conservatives and Republicans. It seems that being better educated just means you have more ammo for defending the belief that your existing partisan identification bequeaths to you.

Although maybe I should be surprised that people in other countries actually allow new facts to change their minds.  Either way, this should bolster the idea that we need to rely more on personal stories of climate impacts rather than citing evidence.


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