Daily Kos Takes Down The Wall Street Journal Taking Down Tesla

Well, this was an entertaining read.  After Tesla was once again awarded the highest score ever by Consumer Reports for its Model S P85D, the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal tried to bash one of the best economic success stories of California and the Obama Administration.  But Daily Kos dissected the attacks one-by-one in an expletive-laced diatribe.  Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s go to the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed pages, where peak conservative is in action:

Consumer Reports Spends Its Juice, Badly
The product reviewer raves that a new Tesla ‘broke’ its rating system, but the real culprit is in the mirror.

Consumer Reports broke its ratings system and is totally like, “Wasn’t me, it was … that guy!”

If, with their own money, Tesla and its customers want to revel in electric cars, that’s wonderful. Nobody should object. But why should taxpayers subsidize their hobby as if some vital public purpose is being served?

Pshaw, clean air and energy independence, that shit is only a HOBBY! Unlike tax breaks to oil companies which serve vital purposes to our friends in the oil biz.

And why should Consumer Reports prostitute itself in its latest review of the Tesla Model S P85D, calling it basically the best car ever, with a higher-than-possible rating of 103?

Yeah, those guys are fucking whores for liking a car that isn’t a Ford Expedition!

Prostitute is not too strong a word. Consumer Reports does not give away its content for free.

Fucking whores, charging for shit. Unlike the Wall Street Journal, which charges for shit, but isn’t a whore.

The reason became instantly apparent to any visitor who found himself waylaid on almost every page by a full-screen pop-up invitation: “Tesla’s innovation shows we don’t have to compromise. Stand with Consumer Reports as we fight for better cars.”

Consumer Reports is advocating for policies that get better cars to consumers, and they cite Tesla’s success in building a great car as proof that we don’t need to surrender to a gas-powered future. Why doesn’t this infuriate normal Americans like it does conservatives?

You can read the whole thing here.


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