Enjoy The NFL Games Today — If You’re A Republican

The New York Times cites a new study showing that blue state, educated liberals are much more likely not to want their sons to play football:

The concerns about football cut across demographic groups, but they were the most intense among Democratic voters who had graduated from college. In fact, the attitudes of three other groups — Obama voters without a bachelor’s degree, Romney voters without one and Romney voters with one — were strikingly similar. Between 58 percent and 65 percent of each said they would be comfortable with their son playing football. Only 32 percent of 2012 Obama voters with a bachelor’s degree gave that answer.

Football was the only sport for which someone’s political views helped predict their comfort level, Katherine Grace Carman and Michael Pollard of RAND noted. Relative to less violent sports, hockey also had a large percentage of people saying they wouldn’t be comfortable with their child playing. But hockey is less popular— and opinions about it didn’t break along partisan lines.

Since blue staters also seem more likely to prevent new development in their neighborhoods than red staters, maybe they can convert those future unused sports fields into parks for existing residents.


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