Florida Conservatives Launching Ballot Initiative To Allow Rooftop Solar

Florida is a bewildering place, to say the least.  It’s arguably the state most vulnerable to climate change (Miami is projected to be well underwater with sea level rise), yet it’s just-reelected governor actually barred state employees from saying those words (sometimes to hilarious effect).

It’s also the state with some of the best sun exposure in the country, and yet it is one of only five states that bans anyone from receiving electricity from any entity other than utilities.  That means building owners there have little incentive to purchase rooftop solar if they can’t sell it back to the grid.

And now to further add to my confusion, a group of conservatives are trying to place a 2016 ballot measure to overturn this rule and open the door to rooftop solar.

It’s nice to see conservatives get behind solar, as we’ve seen in other states.  Florida should be a major market for solar companies.  But I’ll continue to scratch my head about the politics of that state and all its contradictions. I guess all we can do is laugh, and for that we have Jon Stewart:


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