Millennials Take On The Urban Housing Shortage

They are the generation probably most hurt by their forebearers “I got mine” attitude on new housing production.  At least until the next generation comes along, if we don’t find a way to boost housing production in our most desirable, high-wage cities anytime soon.

Buzzfeed lays out the case in this compelling video, which has already gotten over 360,000 views (who would have guessed land use policies could be interesting to the masses?):

While there may be a backlash against some of the new infill housing in places like LA and San Francisco, this video and the rise of the “YIMBY” movement points to a powerful and growing political movement.

I particularly like the frame of looking at the issue from a perspective of a teacher.  It puts a face to the people who are kept out of communities by restrictive zoning and other anti-growth policies.



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