Track #4: Been Waiting

Track #4: Been Waiting

So I’ve been looking for an answer
To all these questions in my mind
And when I thought I’d found the answer
Well, there’s always one more thing for me to find

So when I though I had you by my side
But then I felt you slip away
And although since then I’ve been happy
To be with you, not one minute I wouldn’t trade

Cuz I’ve been dreaming, anticipating
For you to come along now
I’ll be here waiting
Cuz any time I get alone
My thoughts direct to the unknown
Where I’ll be thinking of you
Til I got you by my side

So I’ve been waiting here a lifetime
To finally get this close to you
And with all in my surroundings
Baby you’re the one thing I can’t afford to lose


And I don’t understand the changes that we go through
Every now and then
And I don’t claim to have the answers to these questions, now
But I know I need you back
I need you back again

So I’ve been trying to figure out now
How to get you here with me
And though the situation’s gloomy
Well, a golden end is all I seem to see…
Hey hey hey