Track #7: Argentina

Track #7: Argentina

Flying down along this coastline
I do believe it’s been a while since I was feeling fine
Looking back out my rear view
I tell myself it’s time that I saw something new

Cuz when everyday’s the same it can sometimes bring you pain well that’s true

So I take the time to let myself be
Take the time to set my loving free
Take the time to walk just where I may
When it rains it comes down hard and fast
I’ve been living in sadness past I’ve got so much left to say

Pushing down along the boulevard
Man I can’t believe I let life get so hard
Finding bits of me in the lost and the found
Here I am I’m stuck in this South American town

And the feeling fades away like the end of the day well that’s true, yeah it’s true


The Argentina nights move me along
They got myself singing a new song