Railtown as a Movie

I will probably end up regretting this, but I responded to a writer from an interesting website that publishes authors’ ideal casting choices for the characters in their books. In my case, Railtown is a modern, nonfiction history of the Los Angeles Metro Rail system. As a result, many of the “characters” are still alive if not still in office. So I may be burning the remaining bridges not already burnt. But here is my big casting choice:

Railtown presents a history of the modern urban rail system in Los Angeles, so it features many current and recent leaders in the entertainment capital. The early story focuses on Tom Bradley, the grandson of former slaves who was elected mayor of Los Angeles in 1973 — one of the first African American mayors of a major city. Bradley was a determined and passionate leader, but politically he was cautious and sometimes taciturn, earning the nickname “The Sphinx.” Terrence Howard might capture Bradley’s dignity, affability, and calculating nature well.

You can read the rest of my casting choices here. No, I will not be quitting my dayjob to become a casting agent.