Recycling And Repurposing Electric Vehicle Batteries — Event Recap

Last month I traveled to Portland, Oregon to talk about the possibilities of repurposing used electric vehicle batteries for energy storage across the grid.  Drive Oregon, the organization that hosted the event, just posted a recap with speaker slides.  Maybe because I’ve heard myself talk on this subject before, I was particularly interested in my co-panelist’s discussion on EV battery recycling:

Steve Sloop, President of OnTo Technologies, presented on the topic of battery recycling and described his organization’s advanced environmentally-friendly technology that extracts valuable materials from EV lithium-ion batteries. He described the rigorous process that he uses to recycle these materials, the results and positive outcomes that he has seen, and the obstacles that he has had to overcome. Steve also pointed out that lead batteries are the cheapest batteries in the world today because they have such a high recycling rate, and that recycled material can actually be cleaner than standard material.

Check out the recap to see my and Steve’s slides.  You can learn more about Drive Oregon here.


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