Three-Inch Sea Level Rise Since 1992, With More To Come

According to NASA satellite data:

The agency says that we’ve seen 3 inches of global sea level increase since the year 1992 — with large regional variation — and a further rise of three feet has likely been “locked in” by warming that has already occurred. Other scientists have recently suggested that we may be about to unleash considerably more than that.

“The data shows that sea level is rising faster than it was 50 years ago, and it’s very likely to get worse in the future,”  Steve Nerem, who leads NASA’s new Sea Level Change Team, said in a press call Wednesday.

The Greenland ice sheets alone could raise sea levels 20 feet, if they melt completely.

I’m sure climate deniers will try to attack the messengers here, arguing that the satellite data is untrustworthy or that NASA scientists wills somehow personally profit from skewing these results.

Instead, I’d rather they read a recent peer-reviewed study showing that the lone 3% of scientific reports casting doubt on climate science appear to have significant flaws, like cherry-picked data and conclusions that can’t be replicated.  Not that facts matter of course.


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