A highly entertaining and informative (and long) read on the history of energy, climate, cars and Tesla by Tim Urban at “Wait But Why.”  Elon Musk participated in the drafting of the post.  I was particularly struck by this nugget on climate history:

18,000 years ago, global temperatures were about 5ºC lower than the 20th century average. That was enough to put Canada, Scandinavia, and half of England and the US under a half a mile of ice. That’s what 5ºC can do.8

100 million years ago, temperatures were 6-10ºC higher than they are now—and there were palm trees on the poles, no permanent ice anywhere, ocean levels were 200 meters higher, and this kind of shit was happening:


So we’re currently in this not-that-big window we probably should try to stay in:temp spectrum

I recommend reading the whole thing. Happy Friday!


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