Another Chevy Bolt EV Review, While Initial Sales Figures Looking Good

Tesla driver Alex Venz got a 24-hour test drive of the new Chevy Bolt EV, as I did, and put together an extended video review.  You could read an article write-up or see the video above.  He gets into much more detail on all the various features and offers some helpful comparisons to the Tesla Model S (including his own 0-60 mph acceleration tests).

Meanwhile, initial sales figures for the Bolt are looking good, in just its first full month on sale in January.  Green Car Reports describes the numbers:

When GM released its sales results this morning, the number turned out to be 1,162 deliveries. That brings total Bolt EV sales in roughly six weeks to 1,741—far ahead of both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf after their first two months exactly six years ago.

The Volt plug-in hybrid, meanwhile, logged its own January sales of 1,611, against 996 in January 2016.

Including a few remaining Spark EVs, that means GM sold about 2,800 cars with plugs last month.

This is definitely a car to watch going forward.


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