Hawaii Grapples With Getting To 100% Renewables

For Aloha Friday, I wanted to cite a Utility Dive write-up on a conference in Maui devoted to figuring out how to actually achieve 100% renewables in the islands. The lessons are instructive for all of the world, as Hawaii truly is our postcard from the future for renewables and a clean grid.

Hawaii_solar_photovoltaic_panels_on_a_roof_Image_Hawaii_State_Separtment_of_EducationThe big topics focused on integrating all these intermittent resources, with better distribution grid visibility for the utility to manage all these “local” storage and renewable assets, as well as better rate design to encourage flexible demand that mirrors intermittent supply.

But the conference also touched on new business models for the local utilities going forward, as the economics of the grid will change dramatically with 100% renewables.

All in all, another reminder that the island state is worth watching as the rest of the country slowly follows suit.


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