Track #6: Children

Track #6: Children

Looking around the world today
It’s hard to feel my grip okay
But I believe in another day
And I believe that soon we’ll say
That a rich man’s son will soon rise up to help us
And a poor man’s girl will soon join him to lead us
Lead us on, on and through
And help us shine

Looking around the room tonight
It’s hard to see what’s going right
And the feeling comes and the feeling goes
What’s left behind no one knows
Yeah but I know not to ask myself why
Cuz soon enough each of us must die
So let’s make it right
On a Saturday night
C’mon and dance with me

Looking across the ocean here
The sands of time feel oh so near
And I’m wondering when the day will come
When all done wrong will be undone
And the stolen lands will one day be returned
Forgotten ways will soon be all re-learned
Anc the children will be running free
For you and me

So if you try to teach yourself
The best thing is to hold yourself
And watch it fade away
And if you truly know the meaning of
Holiness and sacred love
You’ll watch it fade away
Fade away

So help me see another day
When I’ll be left here old and grey
And everything I’ve done can’t last
It all adds up to a greater past
Where the rich kids and the poor folks get it done
And the city folks and the villagers live as one
And the feeling that tomorrow
Comes from today

I believe that soon the day will come
When everything will fade away as one
And then we’ll see what’s meant to be
Most definitely