New EVs Announced In Las Vegas
Chevy Bolt interior

Chevy Bolt interior

Forget auto shows, as the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas seems to be getting all the snazzy new vehicles, particularly the electric ones.  General Motors picked the occasion to announce finally the 200-mile range, $30K “Bolt”:

[Ms.] Barra said on Wednesday that G.M. is “committed to electrification” despite the lagging sales of current electric cars and hybrids. Others at G.M. said the new Bolt could change consumers’ perception of purely electric cars as strictly for commuting and other short trips.

“All of our research shows the buyer consideration goes up dramatically with a range of over 150 miles,” said Pam Fletcher, G.M.’s chief engineer for electric vehicles.

GM is also partnering with Lyft for an all-electric rideshare service, which one day may include driverless vehicles. Not to mention that secretive Faraday Futures automaker unveiled its concept race car to the masses.

It’s a fascinating convergence of software and battery technology that we’re living through, and it will change our transportation landscape dramatically in the coming decade.


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