“Railtown” Book Club Winner Announced

Congratulations to Miguel Del Mundo, winner of TransportiCA’s July book club contest featuring my book Railtown.  To win, Miguel had to answer three questions based on the book, which covered the history of the Los Angeles Metro Rail system.  Answers in bold:

1) With the defeat of Measure A in 1974, Mayor Bradley explained residents received this item in the mail the weekend before the election, which had a major effect on the outcome: property tax assessment.

2) When Tom Bradley was first elected Mayor of Los Angeles in 1973, he made a promise that he would have a rapid-transit system in construction how many months after taking office? 18.

3) LA County Supervisor Baxter Ward created what transit proposal, later defeated by county voters, and modified later under a new name and scale?  Sunset Coast Line (1976), later Sunset Coast Limited (1978); both were defeated.

For his efforts, he won a signed copy from me.  Here’s a picture of Miguel enjoying the book in an appropriate location:



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