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Interview With California State Senator Scott Wiener On City Visions, Tonight At 7pm

undefinedScott Wiener, San Francisco’s state senator elected in 2016, has already authored some landmark legislation on housing (SB 35), and he’s co-authored other measures related to transportation and leading the state resistance to the Trump administration.

I’ll be interviewing him tonight on City Visions at 7pm to discuss these issues and what Sen. Wiener sees on tap legislatively and politically for the state in 2018. Tune in on KALW 91.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area or stream it live. We welcome your questions and comments!

What Have Uber & Lyft Done To Bay Area Traffic & Transit? Tonight On City Visions

Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft have transformed travel patters in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere. Tonight on City Visions, we’ll look at the impacts of these companies on traffic and transit.

Has ride-hailing decreased car ownership, as promised? Does it increase traffic congestion? What about its impact on public transit use? Can our existing infrastructure support this burgeoning practice?

Joining me to discuss will be:

You can see an interactive map created by SFCTA of Uber and Lyft pick ups and drop offs in San Francisco, as an example of their impacts.

Tune in with your questions at 7pm tonight, 91.7 FM KALW in the Bay Area or on the web.

Rebuilding Fire-Ravaged Northern California Sustainably — Tonight On City Visions

The wildfires that devastated Northern California this month claimed over 40 lives and nearly 9000 structures. But as businesses reopen and people return to their neighborhoods, what is being done to ensure future resilience in our fire-prone communities?

Should we rebuild in the same way, or allow more walkable, compact development? What role does water management play in the rebuilding effort?  And how can you prevent fire damage to your home and property?

Join me tonight on City Visions as I discuss these issues with:

You can tune in on KALW 91.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area at 7pm or stream live on the web. Hope you can join the conversation with your questions and comments!

Is San Francisco Making Progress On Homelessness? City Visions Tonight At 7pm

San Francisco spends over $275 million a year to address homelessness, but are city leaders making progress?  Anyone who walks through San Francisco’s streets would otherwise think the homelessness problem is getting worse than ever.

Tonight on City Visions we’ll talk to experts about how we can house our homeless in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. We’ll discuss some of the newest initiatives — particularly which ones might make a difference, when past ones have failed. We’ll also look at the role of the federal government to address the challenge.

Joining me for the discussion will be:

Tune in at 7pm on KALW 91.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area or stream it live, and let us know your questions!

Is Racial Segregation In The San Francisco Bay Area Getting Worse? Tonight on City Visions

Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area may pride themselves for being part of one the most diverse cities in the nation.  But both data and anecdotal evidence indicate that the area’s extraordinary economic growth in recent years has led to growing inequality and racial segregation. With rents and home prices soaring, low-income and minority populations are being pushed out from job-rich urban centers.

What is the social, economic and environmental impact of low-wage earners living further and further outside the cities where they work?  Can housing policies reverse these trends?  And what does this mean for a region that prides itself on its identity as a bastion of progressive politics?

To hear a discussion about these issues and more, tune in tonight at 7pm to City Visions on KALW, local public radio.  Guests include:

  • Miriam Chion, lecturer at U.C. Berkeley in the Department of City and Regional Planning.
  • Chris Schildt, Senior Associate at PolicyLink.
  • Tony Roshan Samara, Program Director of Land Use and Housing at Urban Habitat.

Tune in or stream it live on KALW 91.7 FM.  And please call, email or tweet us with your questions.

Standardizing Food Labels To Avoid Waste

Food waste is a staggering problem.  Researchers estimate that Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food each year. Globally, we waste or lose 1.3 billion tons of food annually. The economic costs are significant: the typical American family spends about $1,500 on food that they throw away, adding up to billions of dollars of waste.

Environmentally, it’s also a huge contributor to climate change.  Analysts have documented that food waste leads to 3.3 gigatons [billion tons] of CO2 equivalent emissions, making it the third top emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China.

One relatively straightforward solution is for the food industry to standardize food labeling.  Fortunately, an industry group has agreed to tackle the problem, per NPR.  The Consumer Goods Forum is a network of 400 of the largest food and consumer goods companies around the globe (including Walmart, Kellogg, Nestle, Campbell Soup, and Amazon), with a plan to harmonize labels:

These are the two standard phrases that you can expect to see on food packages in the future: “BEST if Used By,” which describes the quality of a food product. This term is meant to convey that “the product may not taste or perform” its best after the specified date, “but it is safe to use or consume,” explains the Food Marketing Institute in this release.

The second term is “Use By,” which applies to highly perishable products. “These products should be consumed by the date listed on the package – and disposed of after that date,” explains the FMI.

This is an important step that will hopefully give consumers more guidance about when to throw out food or not.  We’ll still need to tackle other parts of the problem, such as minimizing waste in the fields and at markets, but consumer education is a big need.

If you’d like to hear more about how to reduce food waste, check out this City Visions discussion I hosted in August on KALW FM 91.7.

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Star Matt Ross — Tonight On City Visions, KALW 91.7 FM

undefinedTonight on City Visions I’ll be interviewing actor, director, writer – and Berkeley resident – Matt Ross.

You may know Ross from his role as Hooli CEO Gavin Belson on the  HBO show Silicon Valley. He is also the writer and director of last year’s critically acclaimed movie Captain Fantastic, which netted an Academy Award nomination for lead actor Viggo Mortensen.

Ross will discuss what inspired him to create this unusual, thought-provoking movie, as well as reflect on Silicon Valley – the place and the show – and perhaps offer insight into who the characters are modeled on.

You can tune in live at 7pm on 91.7 FM in San Francisco or stream it on the web. Feel free to send me your questions in advance — I hope you can join the conversation!

Reducing Food Waste — Tonight On City Visions, KALW 91.7 FM

Most of us throw out old food all the time. But combined with the food waste from grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses, it’s become a serious economic, environmental, and even moral problem. Astonishingly, researchers tell us that 40% of all food grown in the United States each year winds up in the trash.

This waste occurs while nearly 1 in 5 children in California goes to bed hungry each night.  The economic losses are significant, and the waste also creates an environmental problem, as the decaying food emits potent greenhouse gases.

So what can we do differently on farms and in restaurants, grocery stores and our own homes to reduce the amount of food wasted? Join us tonight on City Visions when we explore the topic of food waste and find out what several Bay Area organizations are doing about it.

Guests will include:

  • JoAnne Berkenkamp, Senior Advocate in the Food and Agriculture Program of the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Chris Cochran, Executive Director of ReFED
  • Mary Risley, Founder of Food Runners

You can tune in live at 7pm on 91.7 FM in San Francisco or stream it on the City Visions website. Feel free to send me your questions for the panel directly. Hope you can join the conversation!

Gene Editing Plants, Animals, & The Unborn — Tonight At 7pm On City Visions

Gene editing techniques have the potential to cure genetic diseases in humans, transform agriculture, and even help the environment.  But at this point, the technology raises more questions and concerns than it answers.

Should we be manipulating the genomes of the unborn? How can this technology be equitably distributed and effectively regulated? And what role does the public play in this debate?

I’ll be discussing the social, ethical and legal implications of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology tonight at 7pm on City Visions on KALW 91.7 FM.  Joining me will be:

Tune in or stream live tonight — and please call or send in your questions.

Can Technology Solve Our Sleep Problems? Tonight On City Visions, KALW 91.7 FM

Sleep — or more like the lack of a good night of it — is shaping up to be the new health craze.  Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are betting big time on it, investing time and money to develop devices they claim will monitor and improve the quality of our rest.

Are we really doing a bad job sleeping these days?  What are the consequences?  And will these new technologies help us get a better night’s sleep?

Join me tonight at 7pm on City Visions, on local public radio KALW San Francisco, as I host a discussion on the current state of sleep with:

  • Clete Kushida, M.D., Ph.D., neurologist and professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford; Medical Director of the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center; and Director of the Stanford Center for Human Sleep Research.
  • Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA, known as The Sleep Ambassador and Director of CIRCADIAN Corporate Sleep Programs.  Nancy serves on NIH Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board and on the Steering Committee of
  • Liz Rockett, MBA, MPH, director with Kaiser Permanente Ventures, where she invests in healthcare IT, digital health and technology-enabled services.

You can tune in on 91.7 FM in the Bay Area or by streaming the show on-line.  Please send us your questions for discussion on the air!

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