L.A. Metro’s Blog Podcast On “Railtown”
Photo by Steve Hymon

Photo by Steve Hymon

Metro’s official blog, The Source, posted a podcast with me on my book Railtown, covering the history of modern rail transit in Los Angeles.  The chief blogger for the site, Steve Hymon, covered Metro for the Los Angeles Times before joining the blog, so he has first-person knowledge of many of the events I chronicle.  He asked a lot of good questions and shared some of his personal memories from the recent transit past as well.

Steve is also a talented photographer, so it was nice to be a subject of one of his shoots.  Here’s the photo he took (right), which would have made for a nice jacket photo in the book.  Oh well — maybe for the sequel.

You can listen to the 34 minute podcast here.  Thanks to Steve and the editors at The Source for putting it together.


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