Track #12: Persephone

Track #12: Persephone

A summer day came with a promise of rain
And I can’t restrain from feeling this way
She walked away from me with a tear on her cheek
And all I can do is sit by and weep and pray

I knew it would come just a little too soon
The time that we shared slipped away with the moon
I can only wait now for a new one to come
I’ll see you again under a full one someday

But I can’t let my sun shine
I can’t let the life grow

Persephone, you were taking from me
And sometimes I fear that I’ll never again see
Your face full of smiles and your eyes dancing free
Persephone, won’t you come back to me

Now will they walk? Now will they talk?
Now will our grieving hearts outlast the clock?
It’s a struggle to be but we do what we can
I know I can make it when I can’t hold your hand

So take care of yourself and talk to me soon
The winter months last like you’d never see June
When the first snowfall comes I’ll be watching outside
Knowing you’re safe somewhere, feeling like I do

But I can’t let my rain fall
I can’t let the life grow


And I feel you so close to me
As the air, the air that I breathe
And I cover the land
With love’s memory

Will you find yourself for me?
Will you find yourself for me?


Persephone, you’re a rainbow to me
The colors you bring me
So vibrant and free
With your face full of smiles
And your eyes dancing free
You mean so much to me