Track #13: Dreamer

Track #13: Dreamer

Take my hand and don’t look back
We’ve got a long, long way to go
People are coming in our lives
And others go I know
Well, I close my eyes to see them
They are circling my soul

There’s a mountain in the desert
And I want to take you there
You climb so high in a bright blue sky
It’s like heaven’s in the air
Oh look down south see Mexico
With the cool wind in your hair

Take me to the place
Where the hot spring water flows
Lead me to the people
That the sunrise only knows
Hold me in your arms
Cuz that’s the only place a dreamer ever goes
All highs, and no lows

Take my hand and come with me
To a place still wild and free
There’s islands off the coastline
That were made for you and me
Oh the clouds on Anacapa mean rain for sure, you’ll see