Underdog Revolution

“Underdog Revolution”
My musical tribute to the 2006 Oakland Athletics

Some teams got all the money
Claim they have all the history
Some teams got the super fans
What they do with their lives is a mystery

But we got a team here in Oakland
That’s changing the way baseball is done
From the front office to home plate
Don’t be late
It’s gonna be a whole lot of fun
And there are a lot of games to be won

We’re the Underdog Revolution
Tearing up the dog days
Hold your predictions and judgments
Cause this is your Oakland A’s, believe in your Oakland A’s


My grandpa used to go to Shibe Park
To watch Jimmie Foxx crush that ball
Back in the 70s Catfish and the Gang
In three straight years they won it all
And Bill King calls Rickey and the bash
With the Bulldog on the mound
We got a treasure in Oakland my friends
Something special that we’ve all found
And we’re the only game in town


Some people try to write us off
They say that it’s just a phase
But year after year the boys are still here
This is your Oakland A’s
Believe in your Oakland A’s…