Why Is The National Media So Gloomy On Electric Vehicles?

The New Yorker runs a really frustrating article from a disgruntled EV owner.  This Angeleno has no dedicated parking or charging at home and is relying on the public charging network.  He rightly describes the frustrations with that network — the breakdowns, congestion, and inconvenience of it all.

But honestly: why would someone without dedicated home charging get an EV?  The public charging network is just not there right now.  The initial EV market needs to focus on people who can charge at home — or at least at work.  Once you get that market ramped up and improve public charging (including more dedicated charging in condos and apartment buildings), automakers can expand the market to others.

That may not be of great comfort to those without dedicated home charging, but it’s the reality for an emerging technology.

Given that reality, why would the New Yorker privilege a story that highlights the inconveniences of a non-representative EV owner?  And meanwhile, the national media is running all sorts of negative stories on EV sales, while LEAFs have record-setting sales.

I guess the bad story sells better, but it’s unfortunate to see this misleading picture presented to the general public.


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