KPCC Radio On Expo Line Opening

With the opening of the Expo Line to Santa Monica later this week, KPCC radio is giving this momentous occasion some comprehensive coverage.  Transportation reporter Meghan McCarty interviewed me and others about the significance — and potential challenges — of the line.  Here is an excerpt:

Elkind said the county needs to brings more people closer to the train line.

“The best thing you can do is put affordable housing – that type of investment is really critical to create that type of thriving, compact neighborhood,” he said.

More buildings could be a tough sell on the Westside, where development is a hot button issue. Both in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, voter-led efforts to limit new buildings have drawn tens of thousands of signatures in support. Fears of increased traffic and loss of neighborhood character have driven the anti-development sentiment.

I’ll have more thoughts on both the upsides and areas of concern for the new line soon.


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