Pour Some Liquor Out For The Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota_RAV4_EV_001Toyota’s RAV4 electric vehicle is a pretty sweet car, as far as electrified vehicles go.  With a range over 100 miles and a Tesla drive train, the car provides a great driving experience at a fairly reasonable price (about $40,000 up front, after state and federal incentives, and of course major fuel and maintenance savings over time).

But unfortunately Toyota was never committed to the car, producing just 2,600 units over three years, with sales limited to California only and no marketing campaign.  I’ve met people from out of state who bought it here to ship to their home states, such was the devotion.

And now the final RAV4 EV has been sold, according to the RAV4 EV message board.  The company has no plans to make more, as they are committed to the unfortunate endeavor of making hydrogen fuel cell vehicles instead.  I guess they assume they can make more money with the hydrogen technology.  Time will tell, but my money is on battery electric vehicles.

But it matters not for the future of this vehicle.  Goodnight, sweet RAV4 EV.


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