Southern California Edison Officially In The Electric Vehicle Charging Game

It’s finally started:

Southern California Edison received the green light today from state regulators to begin a pilot project to support installation of as many as 1,500 electric vehicle charging stations within its service territory.

The California Public Utilities Commission’s approval clears the way for SCE to begin implementing its $22 million “Charge Ready” program to get more electric vehicle charging stations installed in locations where people park their cars for extended periods of time. For example, at workplaces, campuses, recreational areas and apartment and condominium complexes.

And it’s just the beginning, as this pilot was in the works before SB 350 passed, which gives utilities an even bigger opportunity to replace Big Oil in California as the transportation fuel provider of choice.

Some ratepayers may complain, but it’s good news for electric vehicle drivers.  And over the coming decade, that will include more and more people.


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