Supporting Local Public Radio — KALW 91.7 FM

Matt Ross of HBO’s Silicon Valley shows off his KALW gear before our Monday night interview on City Visions

Whether you live in the Bay Area or not, local public radio stations like KALW, where I host City Visions, offer vital perspectives and reporting during a time where dependable, nonprofit news can be hard to find.  KALW is in the middle of its pledge drive this week and next, so I encourage you to go to and click on ‘donate’ up top on the right to support the station.

As an example of KALW programming, this week I had the pleasure of interviewing HBO’s Silicon Valley star Matt Ross for an hour on City Visions.  He’s a local actor who can share his experiences and insights with our listeners, live in the studio, all because of the platform KALW provides.  It’s an hourlong discussion with the community, and it’s typical of the kind of programming on KALW.

I hope you’ll consider supporting the station.  And as always, thanks for listening to KALW and shows like City Visions!


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