Still Time To Shape SB 743 Rules

Streetsblog LA reports on two recent SB 743 discussion events, including the “debate” last week at USF Law with me and Jennifer Hernandez.  The article notes that OPR is still seeking feedback on a few critical issues:

OPR has made several other suggestions in their proposed guidelines, and are seeking public input to help them refine the changes. Specifically, they are asking for help on the following questions:

  1. Under the proposed guidelines, any project built within a half mile of transit with frequent service (running at least every 15 minutes) would be deemed to have no significant impact on travel, and wouldn’t have to undergo a VMT review. Is this an appropriate rule? Are there other factors that should be considered?
  2. What amount of vehicle miles generated by a development should be considered significant, and thus require an environmental impact report (EIR)? Who should decide what those levels are?
  3. What kinds of strategies should be used to mitigate increases in vehicle miles generated by a project?


The issue of “thresholds” — i.e. where is the line that divides projects with a free pass on transportation impacts from those that should require study — will be particularly important. My guess is OPR is heading in the direction of letting locals determine their own thresholds, but we’ll see. In any event, comments to OPR can be sent via this site by November 21st.


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